Monthly Archives: May 2007

Sarah and Peter’s Wedding

The past two weddings I’ve [second] shot have been absolutely exciting! Today, I had groom duty (like always!). I’d first like to say, I love Peter’s parents! They’re so nice and welcoming. Made it very easy for me to shoot Peter (groom) and the 6 groomsmen, all of them were really laid back. And on...

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Brother Graduates from XULA

                This is the video iPod at its best.                 I was only told to keep an eye on Lee, Nga, Keenan, and Michael. I really like this picture of Michael looking on while his twin brother Keenan graduates first.  ...

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Buh-Bye Boomtown!

After 19 months of hard work (two days a week), I’ve finally decided to quit Boomtown- yesterday was my last day. Why’s this in my photography blog? Simply because if it weren’t for my job there, I wouldn’t be able to afford this expensive, money-pit of a hobby. Plus, I got my first gig there...

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