Monthly Archives: October 2007

An and David’s Wedding

After a year plus of photographing weddings, I finally photographed my first Vietnamese wedding! The biggest one yet. It was a gorgeous day to get married, the cool front passed through New Orleans that morning and swept away that nasty humidity. I had taken pictures of An and David’s Engagement last fall, so I was...

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Thao and Hai’s Pre-Wedding Session: The Dragon Tail

Just a few, because I love teasing =)                 Hai says it’s just like dragon dancing.                

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An and David’s Pre-Wedding Session

This was my first formal portrait session, and I’m not gonna lie- I was nervous! I’m used to weddings where I’m like a fly on the wall, just photographing the event as it unfolds, with this session- I had to direct! But it was nice to have the bride and groom all to myself, getting...

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