Monthly Archives: November 2007

Best Viewed with Firefox

I’ve been told by a few that the navigation/menu bar isn’t working since I’ve changed it to drop-down hover menus, which is a bummer because I totally like how it is now and it took me hours (and a headache) to get it right! For those having trouble with it, switch your browser to Firefox!...

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Virginia and Ryan’s Wedding

Back in May this year, I was still learning the art of wedding photography, my portfolio was tiny, and I had very little work to show. Regardless, Virginia and Ryan loved what little they saw and still booked me for their wedding! I don’t know who was more excited… me, because I booked my first...

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Thao and Hai’s Wedding

My late commentary (I never liked 1157/1158): Some of you might remember Thao and Hai from watching their engagement session slideshow or seeing a few pictures from their pre-wedding session. Some (Chau) even said they were sick of seeing them two over and over again! Well, that’s too bad, because here’s more of them on...

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